Hangaround is the first rung on the ladder of gaining an full patch in Restless MC. There are many benefits of wearing our full set of colours, and we don't give it out easily.


We NEVER give crew invites on the first day so don't expect one. At first you will merely be associating with us - it could be a day or a few days in which we get to know each other. After which, if we think that we all get on with each other you may get invited to be a "Hangaround".

Hangaround is an official status within the construct of a real MC. It is not an insult, and does not just mean you are hanging around with us. Your time as a Hangaround depends on you and your activity, how much you immerse yourself etc.

As a Hangaround you will be allowed to wear a bottom rocker.


These rules are for Hangarounds, Prospects & public display and do not represent the MC's full bylaws. Rules include, but are not limited to the following....

Anyone who joins us agrees to, whilst in GTA ..

1. .. ride motorcycles on club runs or during official club business. All 2-wheeled bikes are allowed, with the exception of Faggios, ‘Tron’ bike and the ‘Skull’ bike’, weaponised bikes and Arena bikes.

2. .. not enter meetings (unless called in).

3. .. respect and shall remain under the control of Restless MC and it's members, your patch may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of the club and it's membership.

4. .. remain active. Anyone absent without notification for a period of seven days or longer will be sent a warning message regarding his/her absence and your patch may be at risk.

5. .. not crew kill. This includes anyone associated with Restless MC. Courtesy must extend to property (e.g. Bikes, Cars, etc.)

6. .. not use the name "Restless MC" or "RLMC" in XBL gamer tags, profiles, forum signatures, or similar.

7. .. not be a member of any other MC or crime family crew.

8. .. not creating any unnecessary background noise or annoyance in the party. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to mute your mic or leave the party.

9. .. wear a large "crew emblem" on their backs all times, whilst in attire appropriate for a biker, with no additional front patches shown, whilst in a public lobby or conducting any club business.

Where possible, the above rules will extend to Red Dead Redemption.