We run on the basis of a real 1% MC. We are a club who play very regularly together. Comradeship and brotherhood is encouraged, and loyalty is held above all else. We do not let just anyone wear our patch.


RLMC was formed by the six founding members out of the ashes of another failed crew.


Just before our 2 year aniversary in February 2016, we officially migrated to the Xbox One. Restless MC are here.... and Hell follows with them!


If you are willing to put in the time, you will be part of a crew where everybody will back you up in battle and know your name. We aren't in any rush to expand, and all new members will be expected to undergo a period of "prospecting". This is a period of time  where you see what the crew is all about and, more importantly, interact with the other members who will ultimately vote in private whether they wish to offer you a place among their ranks as a fully patched member of one of the closest-knit MCs in San Andreas.

All our members will regularly ride their motorcycles and hang out in various locations throughout the state. We play missions and heists, engage in the odd street brawl and ride together on the highways and back streets in and around SA. Even the odd boat party on one of our yachts!


We also sometimes hang out with other MCs and ride together or arrange dimly-lit streetfights in deserted parking lots.


If you are interested in joining, please contact any member directly on XBL using our GamerTags (all shown on Officers/Members pages). Simply click the "Join" link in the menu bar above for further info. We don't respond to "request invite" requests on Social Club. Please come and talk to us first.